Health Touch Teaching Clinic

About the Health Touch Clinic: 16 North Goodman Street, Suite 214, Rochester, NY 14607

The Health Touch clinic is located in Rochester, NY, in an historic building at 16 North Goodman Street, near East Avenue. I have been in practice at this location since 1997. There is free parking and easy access to 490.

I also practice in Manhattan and at various clinics around the world.

Contact me at (585) 309-8744 to set up a consultation or schedule a training.

Some of the tools and methods available to you at Health Touch:


Treatment Modalities

  • classical osteopathy

  • advanced cranio-sacral therapy

  • visceral manipulation

  • lymphatic drainage

  • zero balancing

  • muscle energy

  • strain-counterstrain

  • facilitated positional release

  • sound healing

    Self-Care Guidance

  • nutrition

  • meditation

  • yoga

  • emotional self-care

  • support systems

  • sleep management

  • stress management

  • accessing your body’s inner wisdom