I am pleased and honored to be on the faculty of the 2019 Manhattan based Sound Healing  training, along with music therapist  Kattie Down. This 3 module intensive  will focus on the therapeutic and clinical aspects of  sound healing and body oriented therapies. for more info contact: josephschmidlin@yahoo.com

Osteopathic and Sound Healing Trainings

 My name is Joseph Schmidlin. I am a teacher and practitioner of wholistic medicine, as well as a life-long student of the holistic approach to health and human potential. I specialize in classical Osteopathy, Energy medicine, Eastern medicine and Sound as medicine. I am also an advanced practitioner of cranial-sacral therapy TM and sound healing therapeutics. 

On your path to well-being, we begin with the understanding that you already have everything you need for your health to fully manifest. Together we listen to your body’s innate wisdom. I explore with you all aspects related to your health and guide you in integrating these aspects into a connected whole. 

Joseph Schmidlin is a classical Osteopath with over 25 years of training, teaching and practice in the field of energy medicine. Known for his "healing touch", his practice and teaching are grounded in the principle that each person, like the natural world, is a whole, self-correcting entity, with each part affecting every other as well as contributing to the integrity of the whole. His practice encompasses Traditional Chinese Medicine , Ayurveda, Zero Balancing, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Massage Therapy, Cranial-sacral technique, Nada yoga, and Sonic Vibrational Medicine. He frequently leads trainings, retreats, sound immersions and meditations around the world. He is involved in several creative artistic projects including “Sonic Universe Now (S.U.N.)”, “Sonic Alchemical environment” , “Time Slip” and most recently the theatre troop Velvet Noose.

I practice and teach the following 

Osteopathic & Sound Healing Modalities:

  • applied anatomy and physiology

  • body reading and listening

  • cranial-sacral and visceral manipulation

  • neuro-lymphatic therapy

  • sound healing with tuning forks

  • integration of sound healing for sound therapists & bodyworkers

  • meditation / yoga of sound

" I enjoy connecting with each student on an individual basis and facilitating learning through different learning styles. I teach from the understanding that the body is a whole unit of dynamic function. I build on the student's experience of previous modalities so as to integrate his or her current skills and abilities with this wholistic perspective."