Sound Healing is as old as humankind. I suspect that vocal sounding and touch are the earliest forms of healing.

Sound healing is also an inherent capacity of humans - think of mothers holding and rocking their babies and singing to them, or anyone picking up and comforting a child.

In indigenous tribes even today, if one member of the community is not healthy, the whole community is affected. The health of each member is integral to the health of the group as a whole.

Sound Healing Workshops begin by teaching you how to really listen - with outer hearing, inner hearing, and with the whole body. We explore, both in meaning and direct sensation, the seed syllables (beej or bija) of Hindu and pre-Hindu traditions, revealing the further dimensions of sound vibration in different parts of the body. In a soundstream composed of vocalization and instruments (such as drum, wooden flute, gong, singing bowls and tuning forks), the body-mind can achieve a sense of integration rarely experienced in daily life or in most movement modalities.

Tuning Forks are available to order at These are the instruments created and sold by John Beaulieau, sound healing pioneer with whom I have worked for many years.

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